Author: PIGRIS

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Version: 1.0.3

Downloads: 2127

You and ten other adventurers are ready to gamble with your lives. Which one of you picked the right door? Puzzle solution video:

Full Title: Gelophone Jeans Rotisserie Phony

12 levels, including a ball & chain level, a puzzle level and timed levels.

Also, check out the worm for a weird thing.

These levels are dedicated to Chunky Kong.

1.0.1: Added small hint that I forgot on 2-2.

1.0.2: When editing for version 1.0.1 I accidentally left two items at the entrance of 2-2. Oops. Use them if you want I guess :P

1.0.3: Edited 2-2 for the last time, removed easy alternate solution. Gah, puzzles...


lisahaik: This map was absolutely perfect, the best map I've ever played. Puzzles are interesting, the mechanics are unique and original, the difficulty can sometimes be annoying, but it's still manageable. 10/10, recommended to anyone (except for noobies).
ArtsicleOfficial: therefore*
ArtsicleOfficial: Ozy voted it 5 stars twice, therfore I must balance it out.
Die_Dai: Do you place blocks outside the map by directly editing the XML file? THAT IS SO COOL!
IsraelBlargh: Forgot to mention this, possible spoiler! When you're being pulled by the two ball-and-chains, it tells you to throw the thing up, but that would get me dismembered every time. I only got it to work by throwing the ball forward.
IsraelBlargh: There are a lot of excellent level packs out there, but this one is my favorite so far. Lots of bizarre, how-did-he-do-it mechanics. I had a ton of fun throughout, especially in the timed gauntlets.
badams52: Amazing and awesome level pack. I am utterly amazed at how you are able to make all those modifications that don't seem possible with the level editor! I'm still in 3-3, but plan to go back to finish it when I get a chance.
BaerTaffy: A lot of terrific and well executed ideas combined with a lot of cheap deaths. The new ideas are terrific, but I ended up just becoming frustrated by the amount of times it was impossible to see the solution.
TunnelMansAfro: Such an amazing level pack. How did you modify the abyss area?
sashavol: All around awesome level pack. Enjoyed figuring out the puzzle, and 2-3 was incredible.
Ozymandias96: 1-3 my bad:P
Ozymandias96: I'm currently only on 1-2, but I feel the need to say this. The ball and chain swing is absolute genius. well played. 5 stars for that alone! Can't wait to play the rest.