The Choice

Author: Yashar_Red

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Version: 1.0.1 (Frozlunky 2.4c)

Downloads: 2839

Two morbid options. Two separate endings. One deadly choice.



The past has finally caught up with the Spelunker. It has come in the form of an inescapable dream. Of course that's just preparation for the choice. The unavoidable and irrevocable choice to determine the fate of 2 innocent people (and ultimately the Spelunker's).



1) Please play both paths / choices if you can. I spent a ton of time making sure each one is completely unique and different.

2) Be careful with "Force level". If you do it after 2-3, it might break the pack (Especially in case of Earthworm's Gym).

3) There are a lot of left & right choices throughout the pack but only one (2-3) will have a lasting and real impact on levels.



- Theme: This is a dream-like pack. The core subject is about a fork in the road that affects future levels and the ending.

- Difficulty: Starts from easy and goes to medium (+checkpoints). There is exploration, light puzzle solving and combat.

- Levels: The pack goes from 1-1 to 2-3 (Mainly prologue). Next 2-3 levels after that are dependent on player's choice.

- Checkpoints: Each choice leads to 2 separate challenge levels full of checkpoints. They also use multiple shortcuts.

- History: Just wanted to make a short level pack with multiple play paths and endings. Blackmarket & worm proved essential!



My eternal gratitude for these amazing fellows:

- Derek Yu & Andy Hall for making this sublime game.

- Sashavol for all the amazing work behind the beautiful Frozlunky.

- BaerTaffy & Israel Blargh for their awesome videos.

- Awesome people behind Spelunky Bin & subreddits.

- Amazing people behind custom levels (PIGRIS, TunnelMansAfro, FerventFiend, Volcanolotus04, badams52, RenegadeGamer and all the other designers who inspired me to make this pack)

- You for reading and hopefully playing this pack.


That's it. I truly hope you play both choices and enjoy them. Comments and feedback are more than welcome :)

Twitter: Yashar @MK_Red


randomgamer909: Wow this is a really cool level
Yashar_Red: @TunnelMansAfro Thank you for your kind words. Really appreciate playing both paths (And glad to hear you enjoyed both path). I learned and borrowed a lot from the awesome Castle Quest pack. So, thank you again :)
TunnelMansAfro: This is an amazing level pack! The atmosphere is fantastic and both endings are enjoyable and unique in their own way. When I came back to the town, It was very cool to see it twisted through the dream.
Yashar_Red: @Volcanolotus04 Thank you :) Your amazing work on the Advanced Tactics was a major influence (Particularly the end of mentor path).
Yashar_Red: @sashavol - Thank you. It means a lot to hear this from you. Without Frozlunky, none of this would have been possible.
Volcanolotus04: Honestly can't say anything more than the other two. Truly amazing and the atmosphere is actually astounding, paired with the story this pack easily deserves 5 Stars. And thanks for the mentioning :)
sashavol: Awesome story and aesthetics. Enjoyed the canonicity with your previous level packs. Definitely liked the use of lighting (2-1/2-2 especially). Also liked the creative use of 'glitchy' mechanics (Olmec/Boulders, Haunted Castle Banners) and the use of shield mechanics. Thanks for reminding me about ropes!
Yashar_Red: @PIGRIS Seriously thanks for your kind words (And also playing both ways and the feedback). Bungle Grapes was truly inspiring and I learned a lot from it. Can't wait to play Clack Dice Seattle.
PIGRIS: Just played through both ways. I was actually waiting for your next upload, your first two have both been great and I like how they're all part of one thing. As usual, I thought I'd seen it all but I still had to look at the editor to find out how you did some things. I enjoyed it all, both the atmospheric/story levels and the platforming levels were super well designed and creative. You even managed to make Olmec fun. Now I'm trying to think of something I didn't like...hmm..I think one of the signs in the worm had a slight grammatical error...I guess...that's all I got. Anyway, I liked it a lot. Thanks for the credit btw :)