Clack Dice Seattle

Author: PIGRIS

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Version: 1.0.0

Downloads: 1228

Venture through the ice caves.

If you have played my previous level pack, don't worry, it's more forgiving.

These levels are dedicated to Cranky Kong.


Cyborg3838: the first level is probably the most difficult but the map came out very well so seriously map is very cool do such more Awesome Puzzle Adventure Map!
PIGRIS: Thanks guys. It took some extreme restraint to stop killing you, but I managed it!
badams52: This pack is super awesome! Wish I could give it more than 5 stars! Your puzzles are completely amazing! I watched Israel take on your other majorly difficult pack and was blown away by the solving of puzzles. These puzzles are every bit as awesome and this time, it wasn't so damn hard! More forgiving is absolutely right.
Volcanolotus04: Well that was my only complaint, amazing pack!
PIGRIS: That's intended. (There is a hint at the start to the right.)
Volcanolotus04: The Thwomp in the first level breaks the Blue Falling Platforms so if you were to fall down a hole, you die from Fall Damage, making the level literally impossible. You can just place them down a tile.