The Mithos Gauntlet

Author: MithosFall

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Version: 0.1

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Read the "attention" section before you play!


This is not the full version of this pack. I have yet to finish it, thus lower than version 1. I was super into custom levels for a while and set out to make this pack, but then my hype died down and it sort of fell by the wayside. So I decided to upload an early version of it. There are seven levels that are unfinished, and thus left blank. You'll be placed at the exit upon entering those levels. Also, the levels are basic-looking so no added visual effects. I may or may not finish this pack, but I'll update this if I decide to work on it more.




This is The Mithos Gauntlet! A series of sixteen levels (1-1 to Olmec) that I've put together. I've tried my best to make it hard but fair in all respects. It generally gets harder the further you get into the pack, but jumps around a bit, so you'll have to stay on your toes! I created this pack a while ago, so I came up with all of the concepts myself, although others may have thought of some of them and implemented them. I think that's it. I hope you guys have fun with this pack!

Note: There's a diamond on every level (except 4-1 and 4-4)! My rules go out the window for this extra challenge, so see if you can collect all diamonds while also completing the level that it's on!

Also note: I tried to make my levels speed-runner friendly! So there will be very little time that you're actually waiting, and also very few elements of this pack are RNG based, so, for another added challenge, try to get the best time possible!


Yashar_Red: This is a really fun challenge pack but I like to wait until packs are finished (Ver 1.0 instead of 0.1). Something like Puzzle Adventure was mostly average when it launched but the final version is among my faves. For this pack, I tried waiting until 0.5 came at least but there hasn't been any update. Playing this early one though (0.1) has been an absolute blast. RNG hasn't caused me any problem so far and the diamond challenge is a nice touch. My only suggestion is to add / use checkpoints via ankhs where ever it's possible (Most segmented levels like 1-1). That and please finish this pack, I really like it (And please get back into custom level hype :) ).
Volcanolotus04: Well I use the current Frozlunky, I probably just got terrible luck every time. It was still a very nice map and I had a lot of fun, I don't think that we have to discuss RNG, it happens from time to time and meh, who cares really. I would really love a 1.0 version, as mentioned, it's already pretty cool. And no, I was certainly not playing the wrong map, I'm not that much of an idiot :D Each of the criteria written up there fit to it.
MithosFall: @Volcanolotus04: First of all, thanks for giving my pack a try! I honestly appreciate it. =) Unfortunately, I don't know what many of these cases that you mention mean. There are only three challenges on 1-1, not four. I didn't put down any arrow traps in 1-3 and I have never seen any spawn in the number of times that I've tested it. Also, all of the enemies are deliberately placed in each section. There are no randomly spawning enemies aside from in the Olmec fight, and those shouldn't be a problem. And I have specifically removed as many RNG factors as possible, as I know that RNG can create a fake difficulty. Although, it's true that, very rarely, lines of TNT can create particles that explode other lines. That's one thing that has bothered me, but as I said, it happens VERY rarely. Perhaps you're using a different version of Frozlunky, using it incorrectly, or playing a different map on accident? Or maybe I did something wrong. I haven't a clue, but if you would like to discuss this further, I'd be happy to talk with you about this and sort it out. I'm "MithosFall" on Twitch and Youtube if you'd like to message me.
Volcanolotus04: This might be obvious but in some cases, this map is not really well thought out. Especially in 1-3, there'll randomly appear Arrow Traps and make the first parcours section undoable. Blood from randomly appearing enemies and later Boomerangs can randomly set off some TNT and damn some jumps are not really hard but kind of tedious. As I understand it, you have to do 4 challenges in 1-1 and that can get a bit annoying. Luckily one time I only had to do one of them because one TNT streak exploded all of them. Generally it can be pretty strange and in some situations unfair due to RNG and pretty hard, as you mentioned. I could see this pack being really awesome if you keep working on it though, 4 stars with the thought in mind that it'll get expanded.