Author: Yashar_Red

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Version: 1.0.0 (Frozlunky 2.4c)

Downloads: 2111

"This is the story of Genesis and the firewalker. While the latter is somewhat familiar, the former is completely mysterious to me. All I could find around Spelunkia was a bunch of insane rumors."

"Some say it is an advanced creature with power over camels and backgrounds. Others think of it as some sort of spirit who grants wishes and rewards. However, one of elders believes it is a monster from another dimension. A cunning beast that can manipulate others, change its shape and even evolve!"

"All of this made me even more curious. I searched and searched until arriving upon an strange cave above the northern mines. It was risky but I couldn't stop myself. Had to know what Genesis really is. So I went in..."

***(Please check the 4 important notes below before playing)***



1) I truly apologize for the numerous arrow traps at the start of many levels. I had to use them to control random level elements.

2) Please note that this story has nothing to do with religious Genesis and is simply a name for this level pack (Love the console though).

3) There are 3 types of dialogue shown via signs: From the player (No quotes), from Genesis and from the other one (Both in "quotes").

4) The pack relies a lot on music, sound cues and other similar elements. So please play with sound & music if you can.



- Theme: Inspired by the sublime Super Metroid, this pack has very little combat and is more about exploration, puzzles and challenges.

- Difficulty: I'd say medium. Overall, it is relatively easier than Ultimate Weapon. A lot of puzzles (No push block ones though).

- Levels: This pack goes from 1-1 to 5-4. (Though many of them are short and/or story related. Plus 3 normal stages are skipped).

- Checkpoints: Due to the nature of most levels, I couldn't use too many checkpoints like the Ultimate Weapon but there are helpers.

- History: I started working on this pack around the final stages of "The Ultimate Weapon". It should be more cohesive and focused.



My eternal gratitude for these amazing fellows:

- Derek Yu & Andy Hall for making this sublime game.

- Sashavol for all the amazing work behind the beautiful Frozlunky.

(Also happy 1 year anniversary to Frozlunky!)

- BaerTaffy & Israel Blargh for their awesome videos.

- Awesome people behind Spelunky Bin & subreddits.


Also huge thanks to all the awesome level designers on Spelunky Bin. Learned a lot from your imaginative works. Specifically:

- RenegadeGamer (Adventures of a L33t [email protected])

- the_master_of_swag (Brutwarst's Challenge)

- Doodle64 (Shopkeeper Showdown)

- PIGRIS (The Worm Reaper)


And of course:

- You for reading and playing this.


That's it. As small story that I worked a lot on, I hope you enjoy this pack. Comments and feedback are more than welcome :)

Twitter: Yashar @MK_Red


Charbomber: >:(
Charbomber: the only thing good about this is the visuals, F you for all the soft locks.
Yashar_Red: @mrmard Sorry to hear that. The entity that removes the background (I used to show the presence of Genesis) also removes the exit. Sorry again and thanks for the rating consideration (as well as your comment).
mrmard: I don't want to tarnish your rating but I didn't have a great time with this level pack. I solved the puzzle for the first floor correctly the first try but it took me an hour to find the exit. Thought I was doing something wrong. Eventually I watched baer play it and realized the exit was invisible. Why couldn't the exits just be visible? I think that ruined my perception of the rest of the level pack
Yashar_Red: @TunnelMansAfro Thank you. Also great catch :)
TunnelMansAfro: Great level pack! I really liked how Genisis had grown stronger on the my way back with the worm bacterium changing into spike balls. Nice touch.
Yashar_Red: @BaerTaffy Thank you (Both for your kind words and also the awesome video + feedback).
BaerTaffy: Terrific pack! Really cool new design approaches and I loved the story behind it. Great job!
Yashar_Red: @superstar136 Glad to hear this. Thank you for your comment and rating.
superstar136: absolutely brilliant i loved all of this pack at i had fun throughout the entire pack, great work! 5 stars :D
Yashar_Red: @sashavol, Thank you. For this kind comment and also for making it all possible with Frozlunky.
sashavol: Super fun map. Great story and narrative as well. This pack explores Spelunky interactions I haven't even considered in the past.