Castle Quest(Full Spelunky RPG mappack)

Author: TunnelMansAfro

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Version: 1.4

Downloads: 1959

Embark on an epic quest to stop the 4 evil races and save the land! This mappack includes a unique kapala level up system that enables you to get better items based on how well you play. You can get these items at the different towns you encounter on your journey.

If this pack recieves positive feedback, I might make hell levels.

Known glitches: You can throw bodies into the bullets to get free level up items, and I've found no way to fix this.

Updates: I stopped it from giving you 4 bombs and ropes. Removed most bodies from towns so you can't get free level up items without killing shopkeepers. A warning sign was added to the timer ice level and the falling block was removed.


EncryptedCookies: Amazing map! Nice way to use the built in mechanics. I loved the Mammoth Services level the most. Also how did you get the shopkeepers to keep calm? I try but they always go aggro on me ;-;
Kevinrocks7777: Very cool and original idea! I did manage to "cheese" one of the earlier levels by continuously throwing black knights onto the spikes near the door but otherwise it was truly amazing. I'm looking for more to say but everyone who has commented has said it all. Good job, had lots of fun
IsraelBlargh: A very original idea executed -almost- flawlessly. You can "cheese" the level up mechanic by attacking the shopkeepers, but that entails battling them throughout the level pack, if you want to keep your stuff. Fun choices! My one legit criticism is the unexpected timer on the ice caves level. You work to get all that XP and sweet upgrades, only to get locked out of the exit if you don't run like crazy. My suggestion would be to make it a bit more forgiving and put a message at the beginning of that level telling you to RUN. Awesome level pack regardless. Loved the inventive XP mechanic.
Yashar_Red: The RPG mechanic blew me away. Incredible implementation of shops / levels. Seriously, love the multiple shops in town levels. The aesthetic and world themes are also truly great (The opening level is a thing of beauty). Some of the challenge levels were tedious and I had to break the RPG theme to advance. Still, playing this pack was a blast. The "alternate" ending caught me off gaurd. Hadn't had no idea cauldron passes through levels. Awesome idea and superb level pack.
badams52: A nice level pack, very interesting to play. To get around the ability to throw bodies, you could get rid of the bodies in the town. I know it adds to the lore, but it would also eliminate the cheese a person can do.
sashavol: Good storytelling / lighting / tile usage overall. The yeti spikes level and mammoth crossing felt a bit tedious to me, but the rest of the levels were fun and immersive. You can prevent the game from giving the player 4 bombs/ropes by explicitly going through the levels in the Resource Editor and setting them to 0.