Pick your Poison, now with more Poison

Author: FerventFiend

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Version: 2.0

Downloads: 1333

A fun map that isn't designed to be exceptionally difficult. Rather than a Boshy type map, this pack has multiple ways of progressing through each level. For every level you can find a path that matches your Spelunky playstyle. Whether it be victory through glorious combat or tricky platforming, you get to pick your poison.

This version includes ice caves, hell and Yama, but maintains it's emphasis on a choice oriented play style.

*Sorry about those that played 2-2 in the dark, that was unintended. This version includes signs before each path, except on 2-4 (for obvious reasons) enjoy


FerventFiend: thanks for the feedback, I was sure to implement your suggestions into the second iteration of this pack.
badams52: Quite enjoyed this level pack. The Olmec fight was quite interesting. I loved the idea of having multiple paths for solving levels. It makes for more replayability, if someone wants to play it again. And as for sashavol's dark level comment - kill you self in under 20 seconds and the level's not dark anymore :).
sashavol: Unique concept and pretty well executed given the limitations of the engine with regards to this type of design. I personally found the pack more enjoyable without dark levels enabled, and it could definitely benefit from using signs to label the choices available to the player.