The Temple Of Fire And Ice (Frozlunky 2.4c)

Author: superstar136

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Version: 1.0.4

Downloads: 1290

It's been many years since your father had passed into the other realm, his dying words were "open this letter on your 22th birthday" as he held in his hand a white envelope, today was your birthday and coincidentally you were 22 on that day, so you scurried around your house to find a musty dirty envelope in the storage closet, inside was a bit of parchment which read " Dear you, this must be your 22th birthday i want you to dig into my grave on that night, i left two bombs in the closet specially for this day, don't worry i found an Auhk charm in a fossil and it is real so i'm still alive, the place of my burial was the coordinates of a temple entrance and there is rumors that this temple contains the 5 Yamas of hell and a golden statue, Please come My child, Sincerely Your Father" that was the end of the note you quickly grabbed the bombs and prepared all of your food supplies for the trip, "I'm Coming Father!"


This Map Pack contains:

-1 introductory level

-4 Ice cave levels for Shits and Giggles

-'Olmec' Fight (Totally Legit)

-3 Challenging Hell Stages (Need Necronomicon)

-Yama Fight

(Notice: If You Don't Get the book I would Force 5-1 Level To game then after you complete that level uncheck that box)


Special Thanks:

-BaerTaffy: For Playing my previous maps!

-Sashavol: For creating this EPIC level editor!

-Everyone: For Playing This or my previous packs!


Any Cheeses Please Add Messages For Me to Fix them!

Have Fun :)



Yashar_Red: Loved the starting level. Felt like a real location with town hall and everything (Also "Teh" pit). The Tunnel Man shop was an especially nice touch when continued in the next level. Sadly I didn't enjoy Ice Temple challenges very much. They felt really uneven: One really hard part, then really easy then hard and etc. The Moai level was cool (And seeing the face felt really strange because of something similar I did in my new pack). Then we descend into the Temple of Fire and HOLY BALLS things go from cool to amazing. The starting maze made me feel incredibly jealous for not thinking of it. It was fun, innovative and looked stunning. The use of blue demons in the next level was also genius. Not a fan of complex and long push block puzzles... got really frustrated but the Yama's fight brought me back. The dual nature of the level is simply beautiful. The random elements killed me a lot made things annoying but dammit if it isn't beautiful to look at. Overall, this was a truly imaginative and unique level pack. The uneven difficulty, intense trolling parts and overlong push block level are my only gripes. In short, I LOVED the dual nature and beauty of Temple of Fire and Ice.
superstar136: Thanks For your feedback!
badams52: A rather difficult challenge (for me). Actually, the levels included most of the kind of spelunky challenges that I am not good at such as throwing ropes and grabbing them at the same time, water maze, and using falling platforms to ascend in a level. Don't know if you meant for us to be able to get a jetpack in 3-3, but I was able to reach it. Found out that saving more than 1 damsel in a level still only adds 1 to your health. Not a bad pack, just not my style of spelunky play.