Just Another Adventure Map

Author: Volcanolotus04

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Version: 1.0

Downloads: 1429

The map goes from 1-1 to 2-1, everything you need to know is written in Background Inscriptions, have fun!


Yashar_Red: Oh wow. That was hard... And the hardest part was the start. Why did you do that? This is a great level pack but by opening with the most boring (And challenging) part... I don't know. The first level was nice but it felt too hard and too frustrating with no checkpoints. Second level had a really nice use for random tile generation and then with the 3rd level, the pack becomes super awesome. The yeti elevator and the lava maze were magnificent. The bomb game of the 4th level was also really clever, unique and fun (Though once again getting a bit too hard). I liked this pack quite a lot but wish the first level wasn't as off putting. Either way, thank you for this challenging set.