Kali's Frozen Palace

Author: IsraelBlargh

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Version: 1.0.1

Downloads: 4590

Years ago, I survived the eternal caves. They hailed me as a hero. Offered me sponsorship deals. Named a road after me. They even made a movie, despite my reluctant, heavily redacted testimony.

Fools, all of them. If only they knew what really happened down there. What I did... what I had to do. I had to survive, and she... *she* was there for me, tempting, tantalizing, ready to help me... for a price.

Well, I paid the price, and now her voice haunts my dreams. She calls to me, like a siren, like a long-lost piece of my own soul. She's in pain. In need. Her anger is a living thing, writhing in my thoughts. Kali has become a prisoner, and she calls for a champion's rescue.

Your wrath demands retribution, Mistress. I will be your champion.


Kali's Frozen Palace spans 2-4 to 4-4. It focuses less on difficulty and more on being a "real" place with cool details all over the place. Then you get to 4-1 and 4-2, where they will kill you dead.

Knowledge of Kali's reward mechanics is recommended if you want to solve a few of the puzzles; if you can't figure them out, there are hints readable by clicking the tutorial levels in the editor itself.

Keep the items you gather along the way. They'll help you survive it all in one go!

Turn off the game music for MAXIMUM ATMOSPHERE. Hope you enjoy the whole thing.

Here's a walkthrough if you get stuck or you just want to see it: youtu.be

And here's a goofy intro full of SWEET LORE: youtu.be

Patch 1.0.1 : Made the end of 4-2 much more forgiving. Never kill the player after they solve the level!


lisahaik: This is the first custom map I've played and I liked it. The design is magnificent, the puzzles are interesting and fun to solve. The last part however... the 4-2 level is just stupid. I know you can handle all those damn shopkeepers if you're skilled af, but this section is just a pain in the ass. And those "I CAN'T SEE A THING" messages are annoying as hell. But I still liked this map so it's worth playing.
ArtsicleOfficial: (also, I didn't force it. strange.)
ArtsicleOfficial: The first level was good, but then the game decided to let me only play the first level, even after making it to the end.
BaerTaffy: I'll be honest: I absolutely hated the shopkeeper stages. However, the rest of the level pack is terrific enough to still warrant the five star rating.
badams52: Absolute wonderful and excellent level pack! A must try for everyone. Puzzles were not too terribly challenging, (maybe for some of you they might be) and I didn't mind restarting any of the levels to try again. The message boards gave lovely hints at times. Other times it was for the lore. A couple of them I confused as a hint when it was supposed to be lore, but it did not detract from my finishing the level. A masterpiece to be sure. Fun and a bit challenging!
Doodle64: The best design i have seen so far. But I must say, i didn't get most of the Kali-Puzzles. I know how the favor system works and i also know what i need to do, but i was unable to get all the items. The temple part was amazing, though. Also i added you on steam, because i have some questions about your book...
Time_Crusher: Really good but also really hard could not finish the map but i have seen enough to see that this was really good