The Ultimate Weapon (Spelunky RPG)

Author: Yashar_Red

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Version: 1.0.2 (Editor 2.4c)

Downloads: 2364

Story: "Couldn't remember much after the nasty fall from the cliffs. Yet somehow, I knew I was on the right track. Seeing the leaves on the ground and gems on the trees could only mean one thing: I was close to entrance.

Village of Spelunkia was near and all I had to do was reach it. Then I could finally start my quest. That's why I'm here: To help the good people of Spelunkia free their friends and families from clutches of giant green monsters and their army.

To do that, I need to start from the bottom, practice with various weapons and finally to level up like a good RPG hero. Sadly even the highest level 4 weapons are no good against the moving walls of the ultimate prison. To get past them and reach the prisoners I need something more... I need something better... I need the ULTIMATE WEAPON."


UPDATE: 2/22/2015 (Version 1.0.2)

Huge thanks to Baertaffy for providing me with great feedback. I've updated the map and tried to fix the difficulty spike with the Olmec fight as well as a few issues here and there.

Will definitely implement this and every other piece of feedback into my new level pack (Genesis). Thank you all for your support.



2-1: Story

Worm: Challenge

2-4: Story

3-1: Dungeon 1

3-2: ???

3-3: Boss 1

3-4: Dungeon 2

4-1: Dungeon 3

4-2: Dungeon 4

4-3: ???

4-4: Boss 2 (Olmec)



I'd say medium to hard (Though with checkpoints, it becomes easier).


Map Details:

After playing the amazing levels made by Spelunky community, I was inspirated to make this map. The map took me about 2.5 weeks to make and test but it is finally here.

Added the new Sashavol update at the last revision to have a bit more context to leveling up and RPG elements. Hopefully you'll enjoy this pack. It is my first upload so please be gentle :)


Special Thanks:

My eternal gratitude for these amazing fellows.

- Derek Yu & Andy Hall for making this sublime game.

- Sashavol for all the amazing work to make this great game even better.

- BaerTaffy and Israel Blargh for their awesome videos.

Also huge, HUGE thanks to these awesome level designers. Learned a lot from your awesome works:

- Worst-vd-plas (Olmec's Underground Resort)

- HecticXXX9001 (Puzzle Adventure Yama Release (20 levels)

- spinerak (Endurance 2; Liquids, Puzzles and more!)

- RenegadeGamer (Infiltrating the Lair Of Dr. Cemlo)

- Every other custom level maker who has uploaded their amazing works here.

- You for reading and playing this.


lisahaik: An amazing level pack. It took me some time to figure out some of the puzzles but I liked it anyway. The whole "ultimate weapon" thing is hilarious and "level up" stages are entrancing. Some parts were annoying but they were too insignificant to lover the rating. Definitely 5/5!
Yashar_Red: @IsraelBlargh Thank you :) Love your Spelunky videos and really appreciate your comment / review.
IsraelBlargh: An excellent level pack worthy of the Ultimate Weapon. The absolute best-looking one I've played, using all sorts of obscure entities to create really interesting visuals and funky levels. The puzzles and checkpoints and gauntlets were all brilliant and/or evil, too. The Olmec mega-trial is still a huge punch in the dick, though--but hey, it's the grand finale.
Yashar_Red: @PIGRIS Thank you for playing and writing these kind words :)
PIGRIS: Really fun levels! Great use of entities. Learned some stuff about water and I like seeing how Yama body parts work in regular levels, especially. The bit where you had to dodge the magma men spawned by Yama was probably my favourite part of the pack. The respawn checkpoint/shortcut on that level was genius.
Yashar_Red: @Tedwan Many thanks for your kind words. Your awesome level pack was the first Spelunky custom set I played and it greatly influenced me.
Yashar_Red: @Deltadox, Thank you. Tweaked the pack with the updated version (1.0.2) so hopefully difficulty spike against Olmec is no longer as massive.
Tedwan: Just perfect! I especially loved the use of the evelator mechanic! I wish I came up with the ideas of some puzzles in your pack. Best pack I played so far!
Deltadox: Good job! the Olmec fight was tough :)
Yashar_Red: @BaerTaffy Thank you :) I've also used your awesome video and feedback to improve the pack.
Yashar_Red: @sashavol It means a lot to hear these words. Thank you.
Yashar_Red: @Time_Crusher Thanks for the kind words :)
BaerTaffy: Terrific pack. LOVED the A-B-C-D stage. Difficulty takes a pretty big spike during the Olmec fight but I still had a blast with this one.
sashavol: Very aesthetically pleasing level pack. Puts almost all the features of the level editor to good use.
Time_Crusher: This map is amazing no question great use of the new signs amazing 8/10 good challenge