Shopkeeper Showdown

Author: Doodle64

Avg Rating:

Version: 1.2.0

Downloads: 2075

There are lots of shopkeepers waiting to be killed/shattered/crushed/sacrificed/blown up/impaled. This level pack does not require platforming but combat skills.

new in 1.2.0: -prevented the player from staying at the spawn location

-prevented the shopkeepers from leaving the arena (almost)

-updated support items


Creepy12: The fun i had playing this map is amazing! you don't need to be a parkour master and your objective is to kill shopkeepers, is there anything better? Found the secret and i'm obviously i'm gonna play this again!
Yashar_Red: What a cool idea. The core gameplay, levels and incredible replay value are similar to a classic arcade game. Instead of focusing on puzzles and obstacle courses, this pack uses the amazing action system of Spelunky and creates a unique package. The little touches and improvements over various levels are fun and the method of controlling shopkeeper weapons (holding shotguns, freeze rays or nothing) is brilliant. Sadly some of the levels in ice caves felt same-ish and hurt the experience but the INSANE "the end" level made it all worth it. Also high replay value! It deserves to be repeated.
IsraelBlargh: I'm a bit biased because killing shopkeepers is The Best Passtime Ever, but this level pack features some sweet, sweet combat against them mustachioed fellows. My only criticism is that it becomes a bit same-y toward the end, since the arena is almost identical for every level--which in a way is also a positive since it helps you understand their patterns better. Still... feels gud to stomp them to the ground in a fun variety of ways.
badams52: Fun for killing shop keepers. I like all the inventive ways we need to use to dispose of those bastards. But man, that last shopkeeper level. But I must say, I finally finished them all off!!!