MR. bablio part one 1 : lost in the caves

Author: ammar_ajam

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Version: 2.4c (02/14/2015

Downloads: 1215

MR. bablio is evil doctor live in the underground be cause nobody love him and he want to kill everyone enter he's cave .. so you cant kill him be cause he's in a Secrecy place of the cave

MR. bablio is cool world easy and fast to won

1.the levels in the mines are cool and fast and easy jungle levels ice caves levels temple level

4.5. best fight wish olmec and some troops from MR. bablio

5.the hell level are awesome it's like the normal level but it's wish more stuff

5.5.yama's throne is easy like all time but this time wish MR.bablio troops

and finally

6. not world but when you beat yama destroy he's throne for have fun :3



badams52: I'd give it 4 stars
badams52: Enjoyed playing the level pack, Liked the Olmac and Yama fights, but there wasn't much to it.
Volcanolotus04: I don't understand a bit of what you're trying to say but the level pack was really nice. I liked it.