Alien Escape II - Aliens in Hell

Author: badams52

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Version: 1.0.0

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After escaping from the aliens, I did not return home to a hero's welcome. Instead, the military shrouded my return in secrecy. I was placed in their base and constantly watched for my safety and sanity. Even months later, nightmares plagued my mind as the military began treatments for post traumatic stress disorder. Months passed into years, and nothing the doctors did seemed to calm my nerves.

Then one day a knock came at my door. The general told me that the aliens have taken over hell. They enslaved the creatures from hell to attack those who would try to enter and took more prisoners for God knows what.

The general asked if I would go to hell and clear out the aliens. He said I would have the full arsenal of military weapons at my disposal. But when I asked about a scepter and a teleporter he had no idea what I was talking about.

The general said the choice is up to me, but he feels I would be the best person for the job considering my past experience with the aliens. Do I dare go to hell?


Yashar_Red: A thrilling sequel with an incredible start. It's a tad too short and anti-climactic but they don't really matter when there is such an awesome, inventory idea with great action and slick level design.