Bungle Grapes

Author: PIGRIS

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Version: 1.0.3

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Hi, this is Bungle Grapes. Bungle Grapes goes all the way to hell. Bungle Grapes can be pretty difficult at times (EDIT: okay, very hard sometimes), but nothing crazy (hopefully). EDIT: That last bit might be a lie.

Bungle Grapes is popular with a certain humpy animal.

These levels are dedicated to mah boy DK. Stay funky.

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1.0.1: Added signage. Beginning of 1-3 is slightly different.

1.0.2: More signage to help out a bit.

1.0.3: Last bit of signage. Signs for all.


lisahaik: Phew... I've finally completed this level pack. I totally agree with IsraelBlargh. I really liked the puzzles (level 2-4 is my favorite), they were interesting to solve and not trivial, but other levels... 1-4 and 5-3 require an absurd degree of timing and skill. They's not completely impossible to complete, but VERY close to that. Some other levels (such as 1-2) are just too long and boring due to the fact I had to repeat that shit over and over again. Seriously, why did you put that running section in there? It's not challenging, it's not fun, it just consumes time. However... the other levels are actually pretty good. Unique, interesting and challenging. In sum my impressions are very mixed, so 4/5 for an amazing work and visual design.
PIGRIS: Badams: After not playing around with the levels for a while I played some of it again. I died a lot. I don't blame you. :P Israel: Yeah, looking back, I think I probably compacted too many difficult challenges together sometimes. I wanted the difficulty to come from a bunch of different things, maybe I focused too much on that. I take pride in the batshitness of some of it though. :D Thanks for the feedback!
IsraelBlargh: If, when grading difficulty, 1/10 is "just run forward" and 10/10 is "literally impossible", this level pack is 9.9/10 . The levels are either sadistic, diabolically clever, or both. Frustration and start-of-the-level repetition tedium are a constant, and that's why the rating is 4 stars instead of 5, but the puzzle/platforming is so smart and/or batshit insane that it makes you want to finish it anyway. At least 4 hours of content here unless you are some kind of mad genius.
PIGRIS: Wow, thanks! Glad you liked it.
Yashar_Red: Sublime level pack. While a bit too hard in certain spots, the sheer volume of imagination used in making each level goes beyond awesome. The puzzles are fresh and entertaining while the difficulty is not impossible. The idea of having a unique mechanic for each level and sticking to it is cool but not really new among custom levels. Using said mechanic in more and more inventive ways as the level goes on though... requires tremendous thought. This pack does that. Then there are HOLY SHIT amazing themes like the pick pure. I've only finished 4 levels so far and this is already my fave level pack (The lore and themes of Olmec's Underground Resort and Infiltrating Dr Cemlo are still amazing but the level design here is something else). Thank you for making this and always "pick pure"!
badams52: I cannot give it a rating as I didn't finish it all the way through. Pretty difficult at times is right. I'm not as good as Israel or Baertaffy, so I could only finish level 1 after about 30 minutes. Puzzles were creative, but too difficult for my blood.
PIGRIS: No problem!
Volcanolotus04: replayed it and found it way better, I'm sorry for my previous butthurt comment, I just didn't understand some of the things you were supposed to do so I'm giving 5 stars now to balance the rating since it really isn't a level pack that just deserves 2 stars.
PIGRIS: Well first off I think it would be cool if you didn't judge the creativity of all the maps having only played the first 4. I have never had to avoid the level 4 torch, I think it only hits you if you jump from the entrance. There is only one part in the first level where you have to time running under bouncing blocks, otherwise you can just push against them as they rise. Not sure what to say about the TNT one except you're never intended to kill anything. I get that failure after one mistake can get annoying though, maybe I should have made that a later level. Thanks for the feedback though lotus.
Volcanolotus04: didn't excite me at all, we've seen these ideas so much already and ''pretty difficult'' is pretty questionable since level 4's automatic-spawned torch is ridiculous to avoid, level 1's crush blocks require perfect timing and the avoid activating the TNT is fucking impossible.