Mario_12323's ultimite awesome 6 level and olmec fight chalange for those awesome people who decided to dowload this even though it has a to long title level pack of awesomness

Author: Mario_12323

Avg Rating:

Version: 1.1

Downloads: 1189


this is level pack with 6 levels, 2 being crush block puzzles and the rest being platform levels, Difficualy:very hard


any jetpacks at the beggining of the levels arn't for puzzle use, THEY MUST ONLY BE USED FOR TRANSPORTATION! if you die, DO NOT use the bombs or ropes given to you.

1.1 patch info: new description, and some bug fixes

MSG FOR BAERTAFFY: if you are going to play this map on stream, plz msg me when in eastern time on steam, i would like to be there, steam name:mini_miner *it might show as mini_ miner*teamwooloo*


Mario_12323: srry for the problem, I patched the description so people now know this is a harder map
ijnokmp: I feel mean for putting 3 stars. its a good effort.
ijnokmp: Very hard agility based map pack. Overall it was ok, I'd say the first two puzzle levels were of easy to medium difficulty, I enjoy block puzzles when done right, and these seemed fine. The proceeding levels based on your skills of agility were very hard. Overall I found these levels frustrating, not my thing. They focus on testing your near pixel perfect movement skills. I'd recommended this collection only for high skilled players who enjoy testing that. Olmec fight is pretty vanila.
PIGRIS: What's teamwooloo?