Ascension To Heaven

Author: FlamingRok

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Version: 2.2.0

Downloads: 1597

Things added in Ver. 2.2.0 (minor update!)

-Added Idol Heads (1 per world, with the exception of Hell) to every difficulty, per request (black market isn't possible due to the shopkeepers auto-agro at 2-1 in all difficulties except Challenge for whatever reason? If anyone wants to try and figure out as to why this happens, feel free to notify me when you find the answer)

This is the first map pack of Spelunky levels I have made inside the editor. This has been testplayed thoroughly, and caters to whatever playstyle you may prefer. As such, all terrain (with one exception: Olmec) is completely destroyable, making it as if it's closer to a natural game of Spelunky (well except obviously, it's not, because custom levels). Unfortunately for you, because it's closer to a natural game of Spelunky, there are also no checkpoints! ...well, sort of...

Because it is closer to a natural game of Spelunky, it is completely possible to get such achievements like Big Money, Low Scorer, or even Speedlunky! Casablanca is also available, but a bigger challenge is to rescue every damsel (totaling to eighteen damsels). I am not certain if Public Enemy is possible or not.

The twist to this map pack is that rather than dropping down every level for the exit, the exit is often found near the top of the level, and you will be essentially, ascending. Never will you need a specific item to advance, though they will assist you further. It's up to the player to decide whether they want an easier run or not.


Because of these above factors, the difficulty of this map pack can vary between somewhat easy, and very difficult, or somewhere between 3/10 and 8/10. But wait, there's more!

ZIP file:

Inside of the ZIP folder, you may've noticed three additional XML files. These are variations onto the original map pack. You have a checkpoint edition, in case you were still struggling, even with the lack of rules, persay, and a challenge edition (checkpoint version highly recommended for this). While the normal game is all for fun and will only require high levels of skill if the player decides to put it upon themselves, this version will be a challenge no matter the circumstances. The levels are altered to overall make your ascension that much more difficult. These could be simple alterations, such as making that one jump just a little harder, or complex alterations, forcing you to rethink your path through the stage. Either way, if you can defeat Yama in this challenge (checkpointless or not), you are a superior player, and have successfully ascended to Heaven. You'll drive yourself to insanity with the non-checkpoint challenge version, don't bother, if you care to stay sane.

To Come:

-Perhaps a few level revisions. After all, no one's perfect here, and I or someone else'll probably find something crucial to fix later.

-Anything else that is suggested. Lemme in on some ideas for this map pack!


BenceJoful: Love it! This is a fun pack with original ideas, challenging but not frustratingly hard. I especially like how you used almost all the elements Spelunky provides, such as Kali's altars and the optional enemy paths, to give the player multiple strategic choices. I played the checkpoint version, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am definitely going to try again for a (non-checkpoint) Hell run, though. This is the kind of feel I am going for with Spiralunky, by the way - an adventurous exploration that mixes it up and offers new possibilities without necessarily spiking the difficulty. As for suggestions, you might try placing Idols, especially in the mines, as that can create an interesting level dynamic if carefully placed. Another thought is to make use of the Black Market. You definitely put treasure in some tantalizing (dangerous) areas, but I noticed that over time, my incentive to collect treasure disappeared since I wasn't ever going to spend it - but that could just be me.
badams52: Nevermind about the hell comment. I am an idiot. Do not need to use the Moai to get the book of the dead.
badams52: I tried the one uploaded here but could not figure a way to get to Hell. The moai head had no floor, so I just fell into the abyss without being able to go to the exit with the headjet. Maybe I did it wrong.
FlamingRok: @badams52 Yes, you absolutely are allowed to get the shotgun next to the dead shopkeeper in 3-1. It is the player's decision onto whether or not to get the shotgun or not. If you get the shotgun, the adventure becomes easier. If not, then you have some extra challenge there.
ijnokmp: Rather nice refreshing map pack of the original spelunky style. But my god the bees, I had a horrible time with those pesky buggers, so restarted a lot (thus I cheated and had to put quick restarts option on). Beat olmec, but haven't tried to do a yama run. good work
Yashar_Red: This is the perfect mix of classic Spelunky (one life, random elements, mines to hell) and Custom level awesomeness (Personal Level design, innovation combinations and unique visual elements). The elevator ride with Alien Queens and the Yama fight are my faves. My only criticism is with parts where we can't see the death (Custom L nature) and yet are playing with one life. Outside that, the idea and pack are awesome. Also huge thanks for the challenge edition (The difficulty alterations for the future is a nice touch).
badams52: Haven't made it through yet, but I am enjoying the challenge. I like the idea of ascension. BTW, did you mean for use to be able to get a shotgun with a dead shopkeeper in 3-1?
FlamingRok: Thank you for the notifications guys, updated. Apparently Spelunky Bin doesn't like ZIP files too much.
PIGRIS: Yeah, something broke. Try reuploading it?
Volcanolotus04: the Download Link just gives me an 11 bites big xml-file that can't be opened with Frozlunky. If I open the file with Notepad, there's just a few numbers instead of the usual Frozlunky Level Code. you might wanna look at that.