Infiltrating the Lair Of Dr. Cemlo

Author: RenegadeGamer

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Version: v. 1.0.2

Downloads: 1823

v. 1.0.2 patch:


-Changed the tiles under the spikes to be indestructible, as the player could use a bomb to blow up the spikes.


- Changed the arrow that falls on you as at the beginning into an unavoidable arrow trap, as it was previously possible to whip the arrow out of the way and not take the damage. This later made it so the player could throw a penguin in an arrow trap and not take fatal amounts of damage from the arrow that came out of it, breaking the entire level.

- Moved penguin to unreachable location.


-Aesthetic changes.


-Aesthetic changes.


"The day has come. I have finally tracked down Dr. Cemlo, the one who has brought this curse down upon me. It was he who designed the trap set for me, and although I escaped unscathed, my friends did not. I have been travelling throughout the world, trying to find traces of him. Recently, I struck gold with some locals, who said that they had heard odd sounds from the caves to the east of their village, and that name that I had come to disgust.

Funny though, they spelled it backwards."

This map isn't that difficult, but it is a bit time-consuming. I decided when I started making this map to, rather than make it uber-difficult, make it unique.

The levels are 1-2 - 2-4 and the Olmec fight, with 5-1 - 5-4 being quick optional levels after that. You get the Necronomicon on level 2-4, but you will not be able to open up the door to 5-1 if you die on the Olmec fight. If this happens, then you can just go to the level tab and force the starting level to 5-1, and continue from there.

It has a story to read alongside the journey, a note-by-note sort of thing every time you enter the next room. This only changes on the Olmec fight and every level beyond that, which you have to read the entry before you enter the level. The first portion of text below the 'Journal Entry' is the actual entry, while the text between the dashes are notes from me concerning the levels.

Here is the Dropbox link to the Journal:


RenegadeGamer: The way you did it was the intended way. The arrow shaft that you picked up at the entrance, if used to activate the arrow traps, would get you shot and killed if you took the two hearts of damage in the beginning.
badams52: Not sure how Baer broke the entire 2-2 level. (spoilers below) I used the crawl down the edge all the way down to avoid the arrow traps. You could also throw the arrow shaft left by the arrow right at the spot where the hole is. Not sure what the intended way solve that one was.
RenegadeGamer: If you had looked hard, you would see that you didn't cheese that. I intended for people to go that way :)
BaerTaffy: 1-4 was the checkpoint one, but 2-1 was brilliant. Tough, but brilliant.
BaerTaffy: Loved this one! I found 5-3 was a bit tough to reliably complete, though. Really happy with the rudimentary 'checkpoint' system on 2-1 (1-4?) even though I cheesed it like a jackass. Very fun pack!
badams52: I didn't run into any real problems with the random spike balls in hell. Very interesting level design. I enjoyed playing most of the levels very much. But on my copy, I have found that the darkness/non darkness doesn't work. Enjoyed the puzzles and game play.
RenegadeGamer: Also, 5-1 -5-4 are heavily influenced by the terrain generation going crazy. It created a bunch of spike balls that were RNG based, and when I tried to fix it, it would just crash on me every time. If this makes the game more difficult, I'm sorry :(