''Advanced Tactics'' Usage, Tutorial.

Author: Volcanolotus04

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Version: 2.0 (Frozlunky 2.4c)

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It should help you improve your knowledge of Spelunky except when you're Bananasaurus Rex.

The map is not supposed to be a challenge, it's more of a look-and-learn kinda experience.


ArtsicleOfficial: Very helpful.
IsraelBlargh: Learned lots of little things I didn't know, practiced things I did know, and did a bunch of things I had no business doing! Really cool learning experience with an evil last level that will punch you in the gut.
Yashar_Red: Thanks to Israel Blargh, I found out about the updated version of this. (Had played the previous version some time ago). Not only the new version is a huge improvement over previous challenges, it also adds an incredibly awesome flair to the whole pacakge with a better rhythm, awesome signs and a great final test / chapter. My only criticism is the lack of checkpoints and the backwhip long jump over ice tiles. Outside those, this is the perfect advanced guide / set-piece IMHO. Awesome.
badams52: Loved the levels and the practice. Some of the tricks I never knew about - like the whipping the tile above you. Excellent tutorial for those tricks. Some of them I still cannot do. Also some of the trick you have - like the blue frog and the expanding scorpion - are not very useful in game play.
Yashar_Red: A very, very nice advanced tutorial / guide. I have to disagree with Yoshimitsu524 about nature of "advanced tactics". I've been playing Spelunky remake since XBLA version and yet didn't know about a few of these (self-stun camera). Of course in the end it all depends on personal skill and knowledge which I lacked a bit in some parts of this pack :) My only gripe here is with the tips / tactics are miss-able and mostly exist in the text tips. I know it says the text must be read but making more of them a playable challenge that needs the tactic to succeed / pass would have made this even better. That said, it is a very useful and fun pack for any seasoned or semi-seasoned Spelunky fan in my humble opinion.
Yoshimitsu524: These levels were fun to play but very easy. I was able to do all of the levels on the first go without reading your tips. Good level pack but maybe make a hard version to really test our "advanced tactics"