Tedwan's Challenge

Author: Tedwan

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Version: 1.1

Downloads: 1318

This is a level pack with four levels and the Yama fight.

Level 1: Improve your plasma cannon skills! (fantastic!)

Level 2: Timer level with crushing blocks! (awesome!)

Level 3: Push Block puzzles! (ingenious!)

Level 4: Time your jumps correctly or die in lava! (painful!)

Level 5: Yama fight! Obtain Vlads amulet and his cape to reach Yama! (epic!)

The difficulty is medium. Challenging but doable. *

There is no super epic story behind this. It's just a way to improve your Spelunky skills.

Have fun!

* most of you assess the difficulty higher so I change it to HIGH DIFFICULTY

UPDATE 03.02.2015:

Level 1: added Bullets to critter section

Level 3: Puzzle slightly harder

Level 4: less ropes

Level 5: moved spikeball


BaerTaffy: I'd go a bit farther than "medium difficulty" in the description for this one, haha.
Yashar_Red: This was my first custom level pack and I really liked it. After Baer's custom playthroughs brought me back to the world of Spelunky, I needed a proper re-training program and this was it. Not only these challenges were mostly well made, they had a nice variety to them that helped reawaken various aspects of Spelunking in me. I especially enjoyed the second level (Speed / blocks) because of the rhythm of blocks (The 3 small jumps over 3 little bullets never stopped being heart pounding). My only criticisms are: - The first level was the hardest and the relatively puzzly end was kinda tiresome. - The puzzle level was too simple, too short and too reliant on block puzzles. - Story! Need more lore!
PIGRIS: That was really fun and very well designed! I had the most trouble by far on the rope section for some reason, but it's cool that you implemented the burning rope thing, thanks for ending the level right after that. :P Difficulty was just right for me.
badams52: Oh My GOD is this a tough level pack (for me). Good thing it's only 5 levels long. I love the puzzles and skills involved in this pack and the level design is smooth, but I certainly am not one who can finish this one easily. I would love to see some more expert platformers - Baertaffy - take this one on!