Subject #262 {PATCHED}

Author: alfredthegofer6

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Version: 2.1

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Embark through dangerous obstacles to please the Alien Queen. But remember, she's watching...


badams52: I concur with LordMallis.
LordMallis: It was an alright experience. Some cool ideas here and there, but overall not a very challenging or innovative pack. I love the idea for the lore (the alien queen watching you with the alien eyes through the levels), but I really think the levels could use some improvement. It was all too easy. Some issues I found: You start with 4 bombs and ropes in every level. I can't seem to find an exit in 1-3 (I don't think that's by design, since there's a modified 1-4 in the level editor). I think the problem is that you put the exit door in the first row of chunks, which actually turns it into an entrance.