Swashbuckling Honeyventures

Author: SwashbucklingSir

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Version: 1.0.0

Downloads: 1195

People like honey. Bears (ae?) like honey. Everyone likes honey. But sadly it is seldomly utilised in Spelunky. This level aims to redeem this sadness with a fun pack of liquid sugar! Get all sticky in the delicious honey and do not drop on spikes. It might hurt.

This level (2-3 only) introduces a mechanic, which has not found much use in traditional Spelunky beforehand. It is first introduced over water so you can get acustomed to the controls. Then you will be asked to adapt without time pressure with spikes underneath. Once you mastered this task, a timing element, combines the fast paced pressure and honey fun! Last but not least, there is a small puzzling part at the end, where you will have to make a tough choice before beginning and finally finishing the level.

The overall difficulty is increasing, with the timing element being the apex. The puzzle only aimes to provide a cool-down experience afterwards.


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IsraelBlargh: This is the SWEETEST one-level custom pack you'll ever play. HAH! Seriously though, 100% unique and hard like a grandma gangbanger.
Butthead_McGee: I know it's just one level here, but holy shit, that timer is just brutal. It's worse than a shitty NES game.
badams52: Nice design. Haven't been a part of the honey mechanic before. The jumps with the honey is truly tight with very little room for error (that part is not my cup of tea. Otherwise, Nice level.
LordMallis: This is a really neat mechanic. Works similar to the cobweb, except with much increased difficulty due to the proximity with the ceiling, which provides a need to time your jumps properly. Until you get used to jumping in honey, it's surprisingly hard. The most difficult part in the pack was, obviously, the extremely clutch timer. I spent about 20 minutes trying to get to the damsel in time, but then I discovered I was doing the blue frog part the wrong way. The puzzle in the end is neat and easy. 10/10 would crush best gun again. Overall, I spent about 35 minutes to beat the level.