Jimbo's Thwomp Gym

Author: badams52

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Version: 2.0.0

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Updated 2/8/15 - "Are you ready for a thwomp workout? Then come on down to Jimbo's Thwomp Gym. We start off by checking out your puzzle solving and jetpack dexterity. Next we put you through a thwomp riding and dodging workout. After that we hit you with a room full of twomps to avoid, followed by a grueling thwomp dodging circuit. And if you haven't had enough, we finish you off with a Olmec thwomp attack."

Olmec has been known to freeze when he gets hit with thwomps from the side, so if he does, just restart the level. Any troubles or cheeses please leave in the comments.

Update 2/7/15 - Added Vlad's Amulet so that lava won't kill you in 4.1. Thickened walls in 4.3

Update 2/8/15 - Redid all the levels by splitting the more difficult challenges into multiple levels. Updated the Olmec ending. Added two levels 3-3 and 4-2 with new kinds of thwomp challenges. My new fav is 4-2.


badams52: Thanks Yashar and Israel for the input. I have split the harder challenges into multiple levels so that it has more checkpoints.
Yashar_Red: I feel IsraelBlargh says it best during his play video: This is a level pack that one loves and then hates. Hating is the worst because these challenges are really well made and smart. The levels have nice visual elements and overall package is really solid. 2nd level in particular uses Thwomps in some truly amazing ways. Sadly there are no checkpoints within levels and having to repeat LONG parts of each level just get back to the part you're stuck at for the 50th time hurts the experience.
badams52: I fully support Israel's comments about editing the levels so that you don't have to redo the earlier parts you figured out! Tedwan: Yes, the thwomps form the side glitch Olmec. Sigh...
IsraelBlargh: The puzzles and platforming are super awesome and clever, and riding thwomps takes a very long time to get old. I edited shortcuts for the first and second levels though, because dying in the latter parts of a level means a lot of mindless repetition. Still, the whole thing is so fun that I'd strongly recommend it all the same.
Tedwan: Great Level Pack! The puzzles (especially in level 1) are awesome! But some parts are too frustrating and the levels are too long in my opinion. You are so relieved when you got this difficult section done where you died so often and then a even harder part is waiting for you and you have to do everything again. That's quite annoying sometimes. But the ideas you put in the levels are all very nice! You should check the olmec fight again: When a thwomp hits olmec from the side, he gets glitched and doesn't move anymore.
badams52: Hahaha, Jimbo it is...
PIGRIS: Jimbo or Jumbo? This is important. Anyway, so far I could only beat the first one but the incremental rise in difficulty in each room was great.
ijnokmp: Not for the faint hearted. So 5 stars if you like this kind of difficulty! Ridiculously hard and frustrating to say the least. very good puzzles though, perhaps could have split each map into 2 maps for us weaklings who would still struggle on many parts. I completed almost every part individually, but I had to edit shortcuts in after doing them. One thing stumped me, the second thwomp jump on 4-1, a once in a life time thing for me maybe. 4-2 made me laugh when I figured out the best way to do it. the first half of 4-3 was way too hard for me. And then the thwomps knocking me out in the olmec fight, that was another huge frustration. well done
spinerak: That was frustrating! I like all the concepts really much! The puzzles in the beginning we're very clever! Good work!!