Motion sicknesslunky (high motion sickness risk !!!!) (demo)

Author: kamits

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Version: 1.00

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My attempt at something silly. Go through a basic level with hindered view. The effect may go away after a while.

Please give a response, if I should make such silly levels


badams52: That is crazy, but it makes it almost impossible to go through the maze.
PIGRIS: I kind of liked trying to find the actual player among the off-screen pointer things
kamits: I can decrease the shaking but it will also shorten the duration.
ijnokmp: Hmm.. Imagine being inside a washing machine full of concrete, whilst an earthquake is happening, and someone is smacking you around the head with a jackhammer... yeh I don't like it, ingenious, but horrid lol. It'd be nice to be able to see your character! Impressed such a thing can be done though :)
Butthead_McGee: seizure/69 would fall on floor and convulse again
spinerak: Wow that's nuts!