Endurance 2; Liquids, Puzzles and more!

Author: spinerak

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Version: v2.0

Downloads: 1183

A new level pack of 'Endurance' has been made, with 14 levels; from 1-1 to Olmec! In this pack, the concept introduced in the previous pack will come back several times. You have to survive for some time, before you can reach the exit. Also, in this pack there are a lot of fun things with liquids. For example, did you know that the mighty Olmec is afraid of water?! Additionally, the ghosts make their comeback in this pack. There is even a level that is quite similar to the two-ropes level in the previous pack (sorry Baer). Finally, the worm has received a huge makeover! Now, it is the house of one of the deadliest quizzes in Spelunky.

I hope you like it! Questions, feedback and opinions are welcome!

Please play on Frozlunky 4.2b or higher.

Changed: deleted some 'filling' levels and added/changed one or two levels.

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PIGRIS: Really creative levels. Spelunky liquids are pretty nuts.
Tedwan: That was fantastic! It was really fun to figure out how the spelunky mechanics work in liquids. My favorite was that one where you had to order the treasures by value. That's just ingenious! Very nice pack in it's own way.
spinerak: Thanks for the feedback Yashar_Red! Glad you liked it!
Yashar_Red: There was one particular level... 3-2. Wow. Just wow. While I have gripes with a few part of this pack, the 3-2 may have become my fave single level among Spelunky custom maps. At first I was like "Oh, it's just health to survive a random bullet barrage" but soon the pug-like (correct word?) drops through bullets became apparent. Soon the painful bouncing to the bottom started feeling like the most amazing version of Peggle. Some of the water challenges are also really cool while the rope / ghost survival rounds are much better than Endurance 1 thanks to presence of more leeway as well as a more visual and quantifiable timer for each. The worm puzzle also deserves some serious praise. Loved it. Sadly there are a few of filler levels here and there which feel too similar to each other or the ones from Endurance 1. Without them and with a more tighter overall pacing (plus some story / lore), this could be the perfect level pack. Thank you for this awesome package.