Alien Escape

Author: badams52

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Version: 1.0.0

Downloads: 1573

I dream I keep dying over and over again. A thousand or more deaths I've had to spikes, snakes, bats and many other things. But this time the dream is the same. I keep falling down a shaft into spikes only to wake up and fall into spikes again. But then in one dream, something different happened. I saw a blue light as I was falling and used my quick reflexes to grab onto the ledge. I climbed up and this strange guy told me it's not a dream. He told me I was captured by aliens, and he wants to help me break out of their prison. He gave me some resources to stop this endless death. He said that after I break free, I should look for some alien technology to destroy the alien menace and to prevent them from imprisoning anyone else. It's payback time!


BaerTaffy: Loved it! The lore works especially well with this one. Another great pack!
Fapplet: Great fun! I played it for 35 minutes straight. I didn't love how the first level was very easy. But overall a 10/10. Omlec was a BLAST.
badams52: Thanks guys, I'm glad you both liked it.
badams52: First plasma jump cure - hang onto the ledge, jump, fire. You get extra distance that way.
ijnokmp: Great level pack. I had one frustration, 3-3 took me a while to figure out, the worst thing about it was the very first plasma jump i'd mess up more often than not, a weakness of mine heh. So for restarts I just made that jump easier, so if anything nitpicky I'd suggest making that as a norm.
IsraelBlargh: Fun and funny levels with lots of attention to detail. The few puzzles all make sense and won't have you pulling your hair or restarting a thousand times, and explosions are always a plus. I don't think it's meant to be hard, just really enjoyable - and it succeeds big time.