The Worm Reaper

Author: PIGRIS

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Version: 1.0.2

Downloads: 1787

UPDATE: As of Frozlunky update 2.4b - you have to set starting level to 5-1 to progress from the worm, since it's now possible to reset a level in the worm. Previously quick restarting in the worm would put you in the level the worm replaced.-----------------------------------------------------------------

You reach Olmec's lair during a long day of spelunking, but what are these bright lights? Download to find out!

Seven and a half varied levels including an altered boss fight. Starts a bit puzzly, but later becomes more about platforming and reflexes.

Here is the incredible story of the Worm Reaper (enhances immersion by about 25%):


patch 1.0.2: Fixed embarrassingly obvious way to finish level 2 in 10 seconds, pointed out by patsully56 and BaerTaffy, and unintended jetpack get in 5-2.


PIGRIS: Interesting, I was wondering if something like that was possible but didn't get around to trying it. I think I'll leave it as an alternate solution since that's the only puzzle in the level and it's not much less involved than going the intended way. Thanks for pointing it out.
HecticXXX9001: Level is breakable on 4-2, you can bring spikeballs to the right by stacking spikeball, pushblock, then spikeball. By bringing them to the right on the spikes, the spikes are broken and you can enter the exit.
badams52: Good levels. Love the use of the cobwebs to slow down the crush traps.
BaerTaffy: Loved it! The issue with the worm is unfortunate, but I suppose there isn't really a way to address the issue given your original intent with the stage. The hell levels were a treat, and I *loved* the unique Yama fight.
ijnokmp: really good stuff!, I didn't stick it through to complete yama, maybe another day. I was exhausted after 5-3 lol, stuff got tough.