Ow, that hurts!

Author: Lytebyrd

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Version: 1.1

Downloads: 1131

1 extremely masochistic level. Good luck ;P. Fixed door issue XD.


Charbomber: You didnt use unbreakable blocks, so i used that to cheat to the end but i died just before because of spikes XD
Lytebyrd: Oh my I'm a derp XD
ijnokmp: Did it as I believed was intended. Enjoyable, even if I had to repeat the same shotgun jump 10 times or so! (was good practice). Add three or more equivalent well playing levels and I'd give 5 stars! I Don't feel I can give a 1 level pack more than 3 stars sorry :(
ijnokmp: yeh I think you left an entrance in the game on the right and hole below that entrance, I always started there and immediately obtain royal jelly and breezed on through.
TheRealOCD: this is very easy. Maybe you forgot something.