Spiralunky Level Pack 2

Author: BenceJoful

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Version: 0.2.0

Downloads: 1149

Not the sequel! This pack is 8 levels: Mines & Jungle, all generated with the Spiralunky Level Generator. See post at redd.it.


BenceJoful: @TheRealOCD: The same as what? If you mean each level is the same, as the others, that's not quite true. Each one is unique, and features a different Gear Room with enemies and equipment inside, just like the levels Spiralunky can generate infinitely. As for there being no Olmec fight, that is true: This is a demonstration of a work in progress, and only has 8 levels so far. I am planning to do a special Olmec fight at the same time as 0.4, the version that includes the temple.
TheRealOCD: Every Level is the same! There is no olmec fight