Jetpack Super Blarghventure

Author: IsraelBlargh

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Version: 1.0.2

Downloads: 1962

Mad scientists have pumped you full of performance-enhancing drugs, given you an experimental device and dumped you in a gigantic testing complex. Looking ahead, your death is a foregone conclusion. But not to worry, perhaps one among the thousands of clones behind you will find their way out...

This level pack is a full 20 level adventure from 1-1 to Yama's Throne. Nearly every level focuses on making creative use of the jetpack or solving puzzles with flight in mind. It's a somewhat even mix of timed gauntlets and puzzle-platforming that will hopefully teach you all there is to know about using this most valuable of items.

Because many levels are challenging, quick restart puts you back at the start of the level. Notable exceptions are 3-2, which only gives you one shot at figuring out the solution (big fat hints are provided), and the Olmec fight, which you must survive in one try in order to keep the Hell Bible in your inventory and go on to the Hell levels (The Olmec fight is fairly standard because of this.)

Sure hope you enjoy it!

Patch 1.0.1 fixes the unbeatable 3-1 introduced by the recent Frozlunky update, as well as removing a few more random things that can shortcut some levels.

Patch 1.0.2 adds an exit to the Worm to adapt to Frozlunky 2.4b. The unfortunate result is that the beehive level gets skipped, but it was kind of a joke level anyway.


ArtsicleOfficial: Good map
Tedwan: Every single level is creative, fun and challenging! I really improved my jetpack skills here.
Ninja_Melon: Awesome dude. Keep up the good work :)
BaerTaffy: Absolutely fantastic. Three hours well spent. A must-have.
SwashbucklingSir: Great, creative level pack. Highly recommended!