Time & Light

Author: ZacLindsay

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Version: 1.0.3

Downloads: 1095

My 2nd level pack tones down the challenge and introduces more puzzle play. Don't take that the wrong way. There will be plenty of resetting, especially if you attempt that Yama fight. Time & Light is 12 levels strong with 2 boss encounters. Recommend this map pack to others if you enjoyed yourself AND don't forget to leave me a comment and rating. I really want some feedback on this. Thanks for playing and happy Splunkin'.

1.0.1 fixed an issue where an Ankh that was needed to get back to the level entrance instead resurrected you in the Abyss. Like, wtf.

1.0.2 moved around a couple levels and fixed issues where certain levels were unintentionally breakable. Also, introduced new entities into certain levels to change up the challenge and introduce more opportunities for players.

1.0.3 made a minor change to the Worm, which I'll be changing back once Sasha fixes the extra levels so they can be reattempted without resetting the run.


ijnokmp: oh should add 3-3 looked interesting, but I couldn't get it done, because the blocks kept bugging out, like with the unnecessary blocks in 3-2 that are stacked on blue falling platforms. Weird things happen and blocks can sometimes stay in the air with nothing holding it up. Looked like a good one otherwise. Was 4-2 supposed to be super easy?
ijnokmp: Israel is on point, it seems well designed, I tried a fair few levels and frustration of the redoing some of it became monotonous especially knowing an impending "only-one-shot-to-solve death pit" (as Israel put it) was coming up. Really enjoyed 3-2, although having all those push blocks up top (the ones stacked on the blue falling platforms) just confuse the player, making the player think they need to drop some of those blocks down, which only acts to cheese the level, those blocks bug out aswell, so confusing because sometimes you can take 3 or 4 or maybe 5 from there, and sometimes only 1.
IsraelBlargh: I'm really sorry, friend, but I had to just stop recording this and move on to a different pack in the very first level. I spent the first 10 minutes excited about figuring out the puzzle. Then I did, and I loved how clever it was, but boy it sure took a while to execute it. Then I spent 30 minutes redoing it because it takes FOREVER to push several blocks all across the level, and you have to do it every time you die in the following sections. I just had to give up. Sorry for being a bit harsh, it does show cleverness and a great attention to detail. My advice would be not to place a only-one-shot-to-solve death pit after five minutes of block pushing. The rest of the pack might be sublime but I just can't bring myself to do the pushing one single more time.
ZacLindsay: Why don't you love me?