Climbing Challenge

Author: Lytebyrd

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Version: 1.0

Downloads: 1092

Fun and kinda hard. My first level. There are 4 levels and a surprise at the end!


PIGRIS: Basic idea but always fair. Pretty easy to just float down on the second level and skip most of the challenge, but I like the non-linear-ness of it. I'm not sure why the player had to be killed on 1-4 since the cape was already taken away on 1-3. Overall I thought it was pretty easy (but I did die once :P).
Lytebyrd: :D Baertaffy played my level!
BaerTaffy: Fairly straightforward and simple pack, but well done nonetheless.
badams52: Like the simple concept. Never used Vlad's cape much, but now I have a better grasp of how to use it.
spinerak: Good job, I like how simple the concept is but that really doing it is a bit more difficult. I also like the 'free-roam' in the first two levels.