Thwomp Lover's Paradise

Author: CastlewoldKing

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Version: 1.0.0

Downloads: 1116

This map starts at the temple and has 3 thwomp-filled challenges. It also has a super hard Olmec battle and the option of doing more thwomp challenges in Hell. Don't die, or you'll start from the beginning again. Feel free to use the comments to suggest things for me to add to this map in the future.


Yashar_Red: Loved the first level and the rhythm of thwomps. Other levels were also neat. My big problem is with the restart from the beginning. Like badams52, I had to turn it off. Looking forward to a possible update with more complex levels.
badams52: Liked the puzzles, lots of fun. Good use of the Crush Traps. I turned off the restart from the beginning though