Shift Quick

Author: ijnokmp

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Version: 1.0.8

Downloads: 1524

10 rapid levels including Olmec and Worm. No backstory, just get it on! Medium or hard difficulty? Mostly fast paced time limited maps. -- v1.0.8 Should be final version! It is tested with Frozlunky 2.4b. -- *Reminder - plasma guns can blow up* -- Also, thanks to VideoGameGuyTV, BHSlaughter and of course Baertaffy on twitch/youtube, for feedback and/or revealing any problems/cheeses that I don't want in have now been fixed.


PIGRIS: I like it! Some of them had me for a while. I think the timed sections are just lenient enough to be challenging but not frustrating.
IsraelBlargh: Very enjoyable pack. It feels real badass to run like mad through a level while everything explodes around you. Great work on getting down the timing just right for all the chain reactions.
ijnokmp: heh :/ Hmm it is hard to judge how difficult a map is after you have run and repeated your own levels X amount of times. It'd be nice if Spelunkybin had a difficulty rating as well as the normal rating.
Fapplet: >Medium to hard ish difficulty Yeah sure Medium... :(
BaerTaffy: Terrific! I love the sense of urgency, and the level with the worm entrance was such a rush. Great pack!