Run, Blue Frog, Run

Author: badams52

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Version: 2.1.0

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Final Update! (unless you think I need to tweak something) Level 1-1: RUN! Level 1-2: Blue Frog OP and friends. Level 1-3: Ghoster's Delight. Level 1-4: Tunnel Man. Level 2-1 Thwomp You. Level 2-2 Thwomping Jetpack. 2-3 Choose your own adventure. Level 2-4 Croc man's revenge. Lastly a plasma cannon Olmac challenge. Heavily tested (by me) puzzle type challenge and hopefully you find them FUN! My main goal is to have you play these levels for fun and laughs. Most puzzles I would estimate are moderate to difficult to solve. (Unless your as good as Baertaffy then they are easy to moderate :). * 2.1.0 * fixed the cheese Baertaffy found and hopefully fixed the wonkiness of some of the levels. - thanks to Baertaffy (youtube) for finding some cheese for me. And if you really want to see a dead tunnel man, use level 1-4 and throw him into the bullet/spike pit


BaerTaffy: Good stuff! Found a way to cheese 2-1 (around 16:00) A few of the puzzles were a little wonky but for the most part, I really enjoyed it!
badams52: Frapplet: Which Kali part, in the bottom of level 1 or the angering Kali part to get your ball and chain? For each level, you must die to get to the exit.
Ninja_Melon: Ok thanks, maybe I was just over thinking things.
badams52: Ninja_Melon: Sorry you couldn't finish the level. There is a way to get around most of the enemies without killing them. You do not need to agro the shopkeepers till you get to the snake pit. You don't need to jump on the hawk-,man - that would just be too difficult. Look for another way.
Fapplet: I liked the Map but I think there was too many entienies and some parts were not clear enough. Very fun! I didn't get the Kali part.
Ninja_Melon: I loved the first level, and the idea of the second, but the part with the blue frogs was frustrating, so i ended up deleting them because I kept jumping on the spikes with the hawk-man, and even then, it was nearly impossible to complete the level, especially the bit with the shopkeepers. Tone down the difficulty man.