Spelunky - Prepare to Die Edition

Author: Fapplet

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Version: 1.1

Downloads: 1267

I worked hard on this level, I didn't make it too frustrating but not easy.

Tip: Make the Best of your resources

The Level is built on 3 Levels in the Jungle

The first Level isn't too difficult but requires some thinking.

The second level might be a bit tricky.

The third level is very frustrating

Screenshots: imgur.com


Fixed Exploit at Level 2-1

Added Bounce Trap training pit at 2-3

Made the Yeti Throw a bit easier and not luck based

Overall made 2-3 a bit easier.


BaerTaffy: Really enjoyed the first two stages, but I honestly felt like the third stage was just entirely too difficult. I made mention in my video that it may just not be my cup of tea, but I felt that the challenges midway through the level that require lightning-fast reflexes and only give you one shot at completion were asking a bit too much. The bit with the mammoths is brilliant, though.