The Epic of Gigaplant

Author: aaron_layne

Avg Rating: Not yet rated

Version: 1.0.5

Downloads: 671

This is a 20-Level Pack filled with platforming and speed challenges. Its narrative is inspired by the legendary Gigaplant stemming from one of Israel Blargh's youtube videos a while back, thus many references directed to him and his viewers will be meaningless to others. Inspiration for some of the level elements was taken from Pigris, MrMountainMan, and several others, but I hope I was successful in including tons of innovations. Levels range from easy, medium, hard, and insane. I have beaten all levels without artificial shortcuts and thoroughly tested them, but don't feel too bad if you need to make some shortcut edits on the insane-rated levels. Thanks for playing!


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aaron_layne: Word on the street is the creator of this level pack is definitely not a virgin. He knows all about doing the sex, I assure you.