Incessant Instantiation

Author: lisahaik

Avg Rating: Not yet rated

Version: 2.4.1

Downloads: 631

A short pack focused primarily on knowing various Spelunky tricks. Also requires precision and skill to execute them. If you don't know something, everything is explained in optional help messages, so you won't get stuck.

There are 5 levels + Yama. It's difficult to give a time estimation for this kind of levels, but it's somewhere around 20-50 minutes.

3-4 is a really difficult speed challenge just because I felt like it, even though it doesn't really belong here. But it still requires some knowledge. The timer there was set to "the best I can do", but feel free to adjust it in the editor if you're not as good as me, ha! You can do that by replacing ice blocks with regular blocks, each adds ~0.2 seconds.

If you're curious, the pack's name doesn't mean anything, just a couple of my favorite words. Well, other than 3-4 being an incessant stream of instances of cruelty...


lisahaik: I updated the pack and made everything harder. You're welcome!