Incessant Instantiation

Author: lisahaik

Avg Rating: Not yet rated

Version: 1.0.1

Downloads: 38

A short pack focused primarily on knowing various Spelunky tricks and executing them with great precision. So you'll need both knowledge and skill to get through. If you don't know something, all tricks are explained in optional help messages, so you'll learn something new and won't get stuck.

There are 4 levels + Yama. Even though there are only 4 levels and they can be completed in ~15 minutes if you know exactly what to do, my actual time estimation is 20-40 minutes because it takes some time to figure out what to do and learn how to do it.

The last level is basically a speed challenge just because I felt like it. But it still requires knowledge!

If you're curious, the pack's name doesn't mean anything, just a couple of my favorite words.

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