The battle arena

Author: KomeroN

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Version: 1.1.0

Downloads: 642

A 20 (18 because two levels are pretty much empty)-level pack all about killing enemies. The level pack is quite difficult and is set to start all the way from 1-1 if you die, but that can be changed, though some things might not work if the game is set to reset at the level you died on. Remember to at least try to have a little bit of fun before setting a price on my head.

I also have a video of me almost clearing it, in case you get stuck, don't want to play through it (blind?)or enjoy watching others suffer:

If you find something that feels out of place, please comment it and I will check it out.

Update 1.1.0: Added moai head to 3-3. Replaced ladders at 4-1 with a jetpack. Added book of the dead and paste to 4-4. Added Vlad's cape and amulet to 5-2.

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