Ninja_Melon's Obstacle Course Of Death!

Author: Ninja_Melon

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Version: 1.0

Downloads: 1256

A reasonably easy map which requires not much skill, but Spelunky knowledge. My first map, so don't expect it to be 100%. levels 1-1 to 2-4 with an Olmec fight at the end. Enjoy!


MithosFall: I'm not going to do my normal review on this one. This seems sort of like a proof of concept, test sort of map. So I'm going to fill you in on a few things regarding it. 1: Many levels are breakable. On 1-1, you can stand on the first blue falling platform, and then crawl off the edge to get to the exit. On 1-2, you can just stand still and you get to the exit. On 1-4, You can just jump to the right and get to the exit. Same with 2-3. 2: Blind falls are bad unless they are safe. Most of your levels include these blind falls. 3: 1-2 was misleading with the path to the right of the door. 4: Bees are usually bad due to their unpredictable behavior. 5: Due to the piranhas and Ol' Bitey not being submerged entities, most of the water on 1-4 vanishes. Though I can't fault you on this because it was probably made before the patch that allows for submerged entities. ----- I hope you keep making levels!
Ninja_Melon: kk will do, thanks for the feedback :)
spinerak: Liked it, perhaps you can make it more clear where you have to go in each level? For example it took me long to reach the platform with skulls at 1-1, it was a little frustrating.