Time attack pack

Author: dukeman74

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Version: 1.0.0

Downloads: 888

Are you tired of feeling like a disabled lab rat in puzzle levels that must have been created by a Push Block P.H.D?

Take a break from the mentally taxing shenanigans and enjoy an onslaught of muscle memory challenges.

A short but sweet level pack that includes:

8 time attack levels!

*effort, creativity, and difficulty all may vary wildly level to level*

1 meme level showcasing OoB push blocks just for fun!

P.S. please remove any items carried over from one level to the next by kindly committing suicide at the start of such a level. Nobody likes getting Ankh-sploded every level, and you are playing it to be challenged, right?


KomeroN: I liked the pack for the most part, but what ruined some of it for me was the creator being a dick surprisingly often, especially at the ends of some levels. Otherwise, nicely done and thank you for the experience!
Tubby_The_Goob: Some levels are ridiculously easy while others pose a fair challenge; some levels are just near impossible to beat though, but that might be due to me being a bad player �\_(?)_/�. Overall creative level design, but not really my thing.