Super Spelunky Maker

Author: Jam373

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Version: 1.0.0

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Two tough platforming levels inspired by my inability to afford a Nintendo Switch. Requires a good amount of spelunky knowledge.

Please send me your comments, let me know if it's too hard or too easy!


Jam373: ah! that's fair enough. So the actual solution for the drop to the crush trap is to grab the ledge with the ruby on it, taking no damage. I think it's tough but doable so I might leave it in seeing as it's at the start of the level, but instead add some clear instructions beforehand. Also the first mummy is purposely open to experimentation, but my preferred solution is to jump from the crush trap onto the ladder and take the top path first, then drop down and quickly yoink vlads amulet. I will also add instructions to guide towards that solution. The second mummy is probably overkill (you're meant to place the bomb by his feet and quickly hide away, but I know how frustratingly tough that is for late in the level). Glad you liked the last bit however, that was a bit rushed so I'm glad it's fun. I'm also gunna make that first bit way less crazy with all the enemies and spike balls. Chaos is fun to make, but rarely fun to actually play :p Thanks for the feedback!
MisterMountainMan: Hey, sorry for the gigantic blocks of text, I just wanted to be as specific as possible as well as giving valid reasons. Anyways, here is my list of problems with the second level: When dropping down to land next to the crush block, you will always take damage. If you land on top of the crush block, it goes up and kills you. The only way I found to go down was to purposely take damage from the bats in order to take no fall damage, and thus, not be stunned. At the end of riding the crush block, it is very difficult to get Vlad's Amulet and also get up to the higher platform, as I can see no other way up, except for jumping on the bats, which come at a terrible angle for jumping on, not to mention, you have to grab Vlad's Amulet very quickly so the bats don't get too low. The way to kill the second second mummy is unclear. You obviously need to use bombs, but is is very hard to line it up so you can get one in there, without getting too close. It is also possible to throw the bomb too far, so the push blocks don't fall. The last jumps with the elevators and the last bomb throw are great, just bogged down by how long it takes to get there. I would also recommend moving, removing, or changing the 2 spinning spike balls there, because their random spin speed combined with the elevators makes it so that you have to wait forever in order to attempt the jumps.
Jam373: Thanks so much for the feedback! If I get some time this weekend I might work on improving that second level a bit. Would you mind letting me know what bit specifically was unclear?
MisterMountainMan: The first level is a good challenge, but the second one was a bit tedious with all the enemies near the top, and the rest of the level was a little unclear. I died on the bottom area many times because I didn't know where to go. They're good ideas for sure, just a little rough on the execution.