Endurance; Fun, Puzzles and more!

Author: spinerak

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Version: v2.0

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Fun map of 15 levels (if you count creatively), which makes use of a new concept in some of the levels; you have to survive in the level for half a minute, after which you can reach the exit. There is also something special happening in the worm, a brand new (small) museum has opened! That is the only place, where you can see a shopkeeper, shooting a plasma cannon! There is also a minimalistic puzzle in 4-1, which I think is quite unique. I hope you enjoy it!

Note: sometimes, a tikitrap gets spawned in a very annoying place. If this is the case, please reset the level.

Note 2: What do you think? Is it too hard? Too easy? Maybe some ideas to optimize/expand this level pack? Thanks!

Screenshots: i.imgur.com

Endurance 2 has been released! spelunkybin.com


MithosFall: I absolutely loved this level pack. Here's my review. -----The Positives----- 1: The main concept of the pack is very original. The first I've seen of its kind. It's tough in most cases to dodge the ghost, but completely do-able. 2: Tough, but very fair. This is a very good thing. There are no random elements. The ghost behavior is predictable and the timer is always the same. 3: I didn't ever not know what to do. There was always a clearly defined goal. 4: All elements in the pack are used and there are no excess. 5: Everything in the pack is well thought out. Specifically the Yetis at the bottom of 3-3 and how you can't instantly get combo'd to death if you don't react with inhuman speed. -----The Negatives----- 1: Some of the levels can be cheesed. On 3-1 (the rope level), I did one loop around the ghost while on the ropes, then I dropped onto the falling platform and down to the spikes. From there, I ran left so the ghost followed me, then ran under it to the right side. That gave me enough time to make it past and to the exit. 2: Some items I carried between levels and made one demonstrably easier. I took a rock from 3-2 to 3-3. This made the Yetis at the bottom incredibly trivial. -----Final Thoughts----- I had a ton of fun with this pack, despite the negatives, which aren't even really that bad. Definitely worthy of five stars.
BaerTaffy: Loved this map pack but fuck that double rope jump ghost level so hard.
Ninja_Melon: Great job dude! It wasn't that hard, and a nice concept, especially the jetpack/push block. I hope you will add more in the future :)