Spelunky Hop, Skip, Kill Challenge!

Author: superstar136

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Version: 1.1.3

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Walk into the unknown depths of this cave of treasures and meet with challenges across the way making you rush, jump, and of course SURVIVE - This pack contains 4 Cave levels + an Olmec Fight! (Hell Is Included For Extra Fun!)


MithosFall: I went into this level pack ignoring the current ratings, and attempted to judge it as fairly as possible. Here's my review. -----The Positives----- 1: Many of the mechanics were rather neat. The start of 1-1 was really nice. You could go fast and beat the crush blocks (which I did once!), or you could wait and the shopkeepers will kill themselves. I really like this. I also very much enjoyed the Blue Falling Platform jumping challenge. 2: Eggplant music! 3: The aesthetics are nice on these stages. Pretty eye-pleasing. -----The Negatives----- 1: Only in very specific scenarios do I find spike balls tolerable. The obstacle on 1-1 involving them is not such a scenario. I found that obstacle incredibly tedious and frustrating. What I don't like about them is that they're pseudo-random to the player. Especially when they rotate at different rates. I made it past a few times, but died to them or the spiders many more. On the last attempt that I was going to give that stage, I made it to the end. 2: Hoards of enemies are usually a bad thing, and in the case of the bats and bees on 1-2, the bees on 1-3, and the hawkmen, giant spiders, and vampires on 1-4, this still holds true. It brings in another element of pseudo-randomness. I found myself just whipping to get through the hawkmen, and in most cases, dying. And speaking of bees... 3: Bees. Bees are almost always a bad thing. Just because of their behavior, how they move around randomly. Yet another element of pseudo-randomness. Because you almost always get hit by them, they're not a good obstacle to have, even if you give royal jelly. Which leads me into my next point. 4: The start of 1-3. This is bad. This is very bad. You should always be able to get through a level without taking damage (unless you're required to progress). 5: Blind falls to an unsafe area are always a bad thing. Why do you think they're called "leaps of faith"? Because the player puts their faith in the game/level designer that this will be safe. If it's not, it's just frustrating, tedious, and not their fault. 6: 1-4 was so annoying, I just wound up skipping it, which was funny afterwards, because it was the last level. This is, by far, the most bullshit of these levels. The Anubis II's were a pain in the ass, the hawkmen were fucking terrible, and the one time I got through it all, a vampire stunned me onto the spikes. -----Other Notes----- I didn't want to include this in the negatives section, but I thought it needed mentioning. The long falls at certain spots that you wouldn't expect., such as at the bottom-right of 1-2. They're not COMPLETELY bad since you're presented with it without any sort of randomness, but I did die to it at one point, which was very frustrating. -----Final Thoughts----- I didn't not have much fun with this level pack due to its numerous, frustrating flaws. As I said in a previous review, if a player quits a level pack in frustration, either the level pack is more difficult than their skill level, or the creator made just a frustrating map that's not fun to play. I would say this is the latter. Although it does have a few redeeming factors, I'm going with two stars.
BaerTaffy: Pretty good! Some of the challenges were a bit silly but I really liked others. Eggplant music iz gud.
Ninja_Melon: Loved the concept of this map, and maybe because I'm not as good as some other players, but the bit with the spiders and the spike balls was just way too hard.