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Author: The_Goosh

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Version: 0.0.1

Downloads: 1029

Exodus is a level pack that takes place years after the original story. You, the Spelunker, have been captured by a powerful God so you can rise up once more against a thought-to-be former enemy, Anubis. The gameplay isn't about high-speed reactions or puzzles, but rather focused on observing a situation, planning what you'll do, and attempting to stick to that plan.

Right now, this is my first project I've ever released, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. If it's good, please say why. If it sucks, I know that, but please say why.

So far, this pack has 8 levels and will have a total of 16 in the final release.

Update 0.0.1: Well, 150 downloads later and I'm back! This is a very minor QoL update; only two improvements have been made in the entire pack!

1. Getting out of the river in 2-1 is now easier.

2. The last part of 2-2 is now less impossible.


The_Goosh: Update: Sadly, Frozlunky has failed me a lot. In fear that trying to fix it will make things worse, I'm ceasing further attempts. I deeply apologize to everyone.
Razzvyberry: Oy Goosh. I like the idea and so far, the levels are pretty ok. A bit on the easy side, but not everything needs to be really difficult. There are a few spelling errors so I suggest you fix them: 1-2 "can you stop being so "vauge" replace with vague and a couple others that I can't remember right now. Seems like a very chill pack, curious where it's gonna go. Also maybe lower the number of bees a wee lil bit. Cheers. Also go check the comments on my map, I left a response and updated the pack to make it better. If you wanna see someone play it Israel Blargh is gonna do a live you'll prolly end up missing. I'm curious what he'll think.Much love to you for criticising me.
The_Goosh: Hey! Sorry that I've been away for a while, I was busy finishing school up. If you want to make a background inscription, go to Cursor>Insert Message. Also, 100 downloads! Can't wait to see more feedback. I'm starting work on world 3 soon, so make your you get your criticisms in quick.
MyDearBuffalo: But I like it.
MyDearBuffalo: Just Don't make the pack hard.
MyDearBuffalo: How to make a background inscription?
The_Goosh: Another milestone! Exodus has now passed a nice 80 downloads, and it's time for some feedback. Please give me feedback.
The_Goosh: Nice
MyDearBuffalo: I was predicting that this is going to be a good pack.
The_Goosh: Great to see that this has reached 60 downloads! Please, leave feedback. I'd love to see what all of you thought of it.