Hurry Up!

Author: BSUGrad1

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Version: v 1.0

Downloads: 1230

UPDATE: I did it. It is complete. Let me know if there are any bugs. There should not be any.

This level pack is a full one, going all the way to Yama. Can you survive long enough to gather a high score with the jewels and gold found inside of the levels? Or shall you finish only 100 Grand richer. One thing on each level is for sure. You had better Hurry Up!


BaerTaffy: Good stuff man! As others have mentioned, there are a lot of ways to cheese most of the levels in the pack, and the shopkeeper timer doesn't add the most drastic sense of urgency. Still, I really like the concept of increasing difficulty on the same stage, and I'd love to see it built upon further.
spinerak: Like it! Did you forget a bomb bag in 2-2?
BSUGrad1: The shopkeeper "timer" is random. The caveman will either turn or walk into the spikes. I have no control over when it happens. It has lasted until the ghost before. But if there is a consensus to shorten the walk to make it better, I will.
spinerak: I think the levels are of good difficulty, but the time you get is way too long. Also, in my game the shopkeepers won't get aggrod at all, since the caveman just turns right before the spikes. You should fix that, since that is the thing that should make things interesting!
spinerak: I like the idea of repeating the same level again, making it a bit tougher.
BSUGrad1: Will be updating this as I get more feedback. Thank you all for playing at least, so I can get it together with my first level.
Yoshimitsu524: I like the concept of starting easy and taking things away gradually, but the levels are quite easy and if you know little platforming tricks in spelunky you can skip a lot of the obstacles.
IllegalLaws: It was good, but too easy. Should go to temple, with 4-4 being really hard.
yhbuadfhukavhbdsiufo: Its ok