Author: Razvan-Prinny

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Version: 0.9.0

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Get ready to save some dogs! In this level pack your job is to rescue all the dogs from the malicious hands of the capitalist shopkeepers! These idiots are ready to turn the delicious dog meat into hot-dogs using an antique Chinese recipe. How come they had hot-dogs back then?Don't ask me,those cheeky Yangs are ridiculous!

Platform,puzzle and RAGE your way trough a complete set of levels(currently incomplete :D 16/20) ranging from somewhat difficult to I WANT TO DIE!Venture your way thru the factory,face the urban jungle,grab your jacket in the freezer and end up in the DUNGEON!After that,make sure to kick that shopkeep ass in hell,they don't deserve the hospitality of hell. What will await you?Find out in the next episode of dragonball Z.

IMPORTANT RULE:Use the dog damsel. No BITCHES', just bitches.

NOTE:Please inform me of any bugs you may find in the level pack,along with feedback. Keep in mind that all the levels are 100% doable due to intensive testing and the use of my friends as lab-rats.Leaving a rating would also help me immensely.I hope you'll have fun :)

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