Soul Search DX

Author: LazyLavaLizard

Avg Rating: Not yet rated

Version: 1.0.0

Downloads: 1080

I made this level pack about a year ago and had a lot of fun with it; and with it sitting at almost 400 downloads I'm sure others have enjoyed it too. (cont.)

I had designed this level pack to include all my favorite parts of Spelunky, but work as an adventure map with different zone themes and a silly ongoing story. Now I've remade parts of stages and just made this map pack more fair in general.

Leave your feedback below, and have fun!

*14 Levels (starting at 2-2)

*Olmec and Yama Included

*It's possible to beat this map in 1 life, but I've activated quick restart incase you die a lot. (I did during testing)

*Estimated Playtime: 25-40 minutes


LazyLavaLizard: 666 Downloads? Insane!
LazyLavaLizard: This is my first level pack, so let me know if anything can be improved.