Just Another Adventure Map+

Author: Volcanolotus04

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Version: 1.1.1

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3 years ago I made ''Just Another Adventure Map'', a set of levels that was pretty random and had a lot of variety considering its likeability and difficulty. It, along with my other map, was played by IsraelBlargh back in the days and each upload made my day. I still love Spelunky, but my love for it has died a bit down through the years... nevertheless I continued to work on my two maps on and off. I added a bit of content to both, but atm I don't really feel like continuing them. They've been rusty for a few months, so I decided to upload them now after playtesting through them again before they never see the light of day. I didn't really bother with giving them a proper ending, they just kinda end due to my disinterest in them.

This map went through major changes, that's about all I wanna say. After 2-3 I kinda lost interest in this map, so there's only a small bit of puzzle I thought of in 3-1 and there's a hard surprise in 4-1. Have fun!

1.1.1: Reworked 4-1

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