The Arena (Full Level Pack)

Author: ZacLindsay

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Version: 2.0.2

Downloads: 1353

Want to put your Skillslunky to the test? You've come to the right custom level pack. 15 levels of madness culminate in an Olmec fight that may leave you wanting more. Good news. Hell and the great King Yama await the most fearsome of Spelunkers. At the moment this level pack doesn't support functionality with the Black Market, Castle, or Worm levels (please don't visit these areas if an opportunity arises as your game may crash). However, you can give the Mothership a go if you're feeling like a risk taker.


a. The majority of blocks are indestructible. Look out for blocks that belong in other stages. Those ones CAN be destroyed.

b. Hold onto bombs and ropes. You aren't typically given them unless they're needed to accomplish something.

c. Have fun!

Anyone reporting broken challenges or needing help with a challenge can contact me at [email protected]

Thanks for playing The Arena and enjoy!

1.0.1 because waterfalls suck. haha

2.0.2 because I changed some stuff up in the mines and jungle levels to prevent taking early shortcuts.


RenegadeGamer: It's good, certainly hard, but I feel like you've substituted difficulty instead from being challenging obstacles that make you think, to simply putting a bunch of spike balls everywhere to make it hard to move. Level 1-2 was good because it was challenging for a different reason. I don't know, maybe I'm just bad at Spelunky, but I feel like that isn't the way it should be done. Bugs: 1-1: you can use the Mattock at the bottom of the water pit to break the spike balls, which just remove the obstacles from your path. 1-2: the frog critters that are found near the items in the beginning of the stage clear bullets when thrown through them, so you could simply eliminate the majority of the level's difficulty with them.
RenegadeGamer: You left the starting level on 5-1, easy fix though.